WARNING: As of Servoy 7.4 the Browser Suite is no longer supported due to various platform issues with SWT, Java 7+ and OS bugs.

YES! The one and only: A complete suite of native "Servoy-Aware" beans for the Servoy plaform.

It has been coined 'the Swiss-Knife' of Servoy - and is here to live up to this expectation!

The suite is build on the powerful DJ-Project Native Swing library, which leverage SWT/AWT integration, is fully scriptable and event-capable in Servoy and is composed of:
  • a native Web Browser
  • a Flash player
  • an HTML editor (based on FCKeditor, CKEditor or TinyMCE)
  • a client plugin to integrate them (and more)
  • a server plugin to set up some configuration flags
  • an installer to help deployment
The BrowserSuite is brought to you by Servoy Stuff and sponsored by: A MacMini was sponsored to help Mac OS X development, thanks to:

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The BrowserSuite v0.9.75 is out
Updated SWT to 3.8.1 Catching addNotify SWT Exceptions Added popup menus capabilities in IE Windows (Native) and allowing setPopup(null) to prevent any popups in ServoyBrowser
Added by Patrick Talbot over 4 years ago

The BrowserSuite v0.9.74 is out
Updated installer with better 32/64-bit Servoy install detection. Fixes an issue with deletion of empty folders (pg_tblspc and pg_twophase) in the uninstaller.
Added by Patrick Talbot almost 5 years ago

The BrowserSuite v0.9.73 is out
Reverted DJNativeSwing libs as this was causing issues with Mountain Lion. Patched for IE8 compatibility with TinyMCE.
Added by Patrick Talbot almost 5 years ago

The BrowserSuite v0.9.72 is out
Fixes issue #563 Updated DJNative libs and TinyMCE to latest version Fix for IE8 TinyMCE bug.
Added by Patrick Talbot almost 5 years ago

The BrowserSuite v0.9.71 is out
Added 'autoSave' boolean design-time property for ServoyHtmlEditor, when checked the html is automatically saved back to the dataProvider.
Added by Patrick Talbot about 5 years ago

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