WARNING: As of Servoy 7.4 the Browser Suite is no longer supported due to various platform issues with SWT, Java 7+ and OS bugs.

YES! The one and only: A complete suite of native "Servoy-Aware" beans for the Servoy plaform.

It has been coined 'the Swiss-Knife' of Servoy - and is here to live up to this expectation!

The suite is build on the powerful DJ-Project Native Swing library, which leverage SWT/AWT integration, is fully scriptable and event-capable in Servoy and is composed of:
  • a native Web Browser
  • a Flash player
  • an HTML editor (based on FCKeditor, CKEditor or TinyMCE)
  • a client plugin to integrate them (and more)
  • a server plugin to set up some configuration flags
  • an installer to help deployment
The BrowserSuite is brought to you by Servoy Stuff and sponsored by: A MacMini was sponsored to help Mac OS X development, thanks to:

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