You've heard about it, it was first demonstrated on 2009 Nov. 12th during Servoy Camp in Denham (by Mister P.!), now you will find here everything you need to try it yourself and even muck about with the sources ;-)

It is currently working in Servoy v4.1.7i + (5 and 6 too of course) for smart client only, check the PDF FAQ to know precisely what platform/OS/java are currently supported and what to expect of this version.

The suite is relying heavily on the amazing DJ-NativeSwing project from Christopher Deckers (released under LGPL license) and uses various other projects, mainly Eclipse SWT (EPL 1.0 license) and the Mozilla XULRunner engine (MPL). The JNA project (LGPL License) is also used internally by DJ-NativeSwing, and for the HtmlEditor the FCKEditor or CKEditor (triple license GPL, LGPL and MPL for both) or TinyMCE inline JavaScript editors can be used as well.

The browser suite contains :
  • a web browser bean,
  • a flash player bean,
  • a html editor bean,
  • a client plugin to rule them all,
  • a server plugin for configuration,
  • an installer to help deployment.

Before use, please make sure to read the PDF FAQ as it will explain how to install and use and what to expect exactly.

To get the best out of it, read the manual here :)

You can also import the sample solutions in the Files section which will help you get your head around some of the most advanced options (there are plenty!)

Finally, have a look at the History Log to know what's new and exciting!


The installer didn't fit with the allowed file upload limit so you will only FIND IT HERE : this is a 68.7Mb full of cool libs that are needed on every Servoy install worth mentioning ;-)

You can check here what the installer is doing in case you need to do a manual installation/uninstallation.