This bean a free fully featured replacement for the field of displayType "CALENDAR" in Servoy, it is totally compatible with Servoy developer, smart client AND web client (for Servoy 4.1.x and 5.x).

The bean is build on top of the JCalendar swing component, LGPL v2.1 licensed
The wicket part is simply reusing Servoy's wicket component.

The bean comes in 2 flavors:
  • v.1.2.1 Servoy 5.x compatible, available from the files section, you will find the sources of this one on the svn repository
  • v1.1.1 Servoy 4.1.x compatible, available from the files section

The bean will look like this in Smart client:
Swing bean

It will look like that in Web client:
Wicket bean

The properties you can define are:
Bean properties

And it is scriptable just like any field of displayType "CALENDAR":
Bean scripting