From 07/05/2010 to 08/03/2010


08:13 pm Defect #112: user_data / people ?
Btw I believe this issue should be linked to the JSListPicker project ;) Robert Ivens
08:11 pm Defect #111 (Resolved): resources in repository is not recognized as a resource project
Committed the missing .project file.
Thanks for the heads-up!
Robert Ivens
08:10 pm Revision 14: missing .project file
Robert Ivens
08:09 pm Defect #112: user_data / people ?
I did exported the demo solution with sample data. I used this table because it was the only one with lots of data (i... Robert Ivens
08:06 pm Defect #112 (Closed): user_data / people ?
Where did you get your user_data people table? I don't have it.
I suppose it is not an issue if you have exported...
Patrick Talbot
08:03 pm Defect #111 (Closed): resources in repository is not recognized as a resource project
Tried checking out the resources projects along with the module and demo solution, but the solution is not using it a... Patrick Talbot
01:12 pm Revision 13: Version 1.0
Robert Ivens
01:12 pm Revision 12: something went wrong
Robert Ivens
01:10 pm Revision 11: Version 1.0
Robert Ivens
12:33 pm JSDatePicker v1.0 released
JSDatePicker is a 100% Servoy native replacement for the standard Java datepicker that works in Smart and Webclient. Robert Ivens
12:27 pm Revision 10: first commit resources (styles)
Robert Ivens
12:26 pm Revision 9: Initial import resources.
Robert Ivens
12:26 pm Revision 8
Robert Ivens
12:25 pm Revision 7: first commit JSDatePicker module
Robert Ivens
12:24 pm Revision 6: Initial import JSDatePicker module.
Robert Ivens
12:23 pm Revision 5: first commit demo solution
Robert Ivens
12:22 pm Revision 4: Initial import Demo solution.
Robert Ivens
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