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04:27 pm Defect #127 (Resolved): Saterday vs Saturday
Fixed it. It was in the demo only.
Also fixed the wiki page with the screenshots.
Robert Ivens
03:40 pm Revision 15: fixed a typo
Robert Ivens
09:10 am Defect #111 (Closed): resources in repository is not recognized as a resource project
Robert Ivens
05:34 am Defect #127 (Resolved): Saterday vs Saturday
Saterday is misspelled: it should be Saturday ;) Patrick Talbot
05:31 am Defect #112: user_data / people ?
Robert Ivens wrote:
> Btw I believe this issue should be linked to the JSListPicker project ;)
Oops! Wrong project! ...
Patrick Talbot
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