Gantt module version 1.1.1 released (1 comment)

Added by Robert Ivens almost 6 years ago

This version adds optional support for jumping to the date of the selected task in the chart. This is handy when your charts are large.
You can enable/disable this in the preferences window and via code.
By default it's enabled.

Gantt module version 1.1 released

Added by Robert Ivens almost 6 years ago

Version 1.1 has the following new features:

  • Support for tasks in hours
  • Header for hours (in units of 1,2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 12)
  • Duration now shows days and hours
  • Optional day marker (grid)
  • Option to show day numbers instead of day names
  • Speed optimisation in building up the chart
  • Fixed an issue with printing

Gantt module 1.0.1 released

Added by Robert Ivens about 7 years ago

Added 2 methods
  • api_getTask(projectPK, taskPK)
  • api_getTaskCount(projectPK)

Also added an allnames property to the project and task objects that get returned holding all the names of the properties of these objects.

Demo solution now explains the callback method a little better.

Gantt Module version 1.0 released (2 comments)

Added by Robert Ivens over 7 years ago

Announcing the immediate availability of the Gantt module v1.0

The Gantt module is a 100% Servoy native implementation of an interactive gantt chart.
It is highly configurable and a nice example what can be done with the Servoy SolutionModel.

  • hierarchical task nodes for grouping of tasks
  • indent/outdent of task nodes
  • move up/down of task nodes
  • collapse/expand all group nodes
  • printing of the whole chart
  • auto-expansion of the chart timeline when adding new tasks
  • trimming-option of the chart timeline to match the tasks
  • zooming in/out in the chart
  • highly customizable button bar
  • built-in preference window
  • the look can be changed by altering the CSS stylesheet, no need to dig into code for this
  • extensive API to control all functions and preferences

Requirements: mod_datejs and Scroller Plus plugin for synchronous scrolling of the tree and chart panes

Also available in: Atom