From 10/31/2013 to 11/29/2013


03:52 pm Version 1.0 released
*Release notes:*
* new Object Oriented design
* rowBgColor support
* support for more operators in filterparam
* ...
Robert Ivens
03:36 pm mod_listpicker_1.0.servoy
JSListPicker module v1.0 (Servoy 6.x and up) Robert Ivens
03:32 pm Revision 52
Robert Ivens
03:29 pm Feature #325 (Closed): Support for in-memory datasources
Implemented in version 1.0 Robert Ivens
03:25 pm Revision 51: Fixes #255 #624 and #325 (in memory datasources)
Robert Ivens
03:22 pm Feature #255 (Closed): Update to new methods in Servoy6
Fixed in version 1.0 Robert Ivens
03:20 pm Defect #624 (Closed): _oLP.buttontext.createNew
fixed the type. It's 'createNew'. Robert Ivens
03:20 pm Feature #641 (Rejected): A print icon (that can be turned on and off) that would print out the cu...
This falls out of the scope of this module. It's a picker. Robert Ivens
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