Update to make the slider bean compatible with Servoy 5+

Backward compatible changes to adapt to the new version of the IStylePropertyChanges interface of Servoy 4.1.4

This bean is the result of the How to build a bean for Servoy tutorial, conveniently accessible here for further support and enhancements, it is compatible with Servoy 4.1.x and 5.x Smart client AND Web client.

It works in Servoy 4.1.x and Servoy 5.x on Windows and Mac OS X and should work fine on Linux OSes as well (not tested).

You will be able to learn the whole story of this bean in the tutorials section (Tutorial 2 - part 1 to 8) of the Servoy Stuff site.

For the Wicket web component the bean uses an enhanced version of the WebFX Slider Widget, but you can find the original version here: