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A Servoy-Aware bean capable of displaying any type of SVG graphics in a Servoy form.

SVG is short for Scalable Vector Graphic, an Open Source format that has the advantage of being vectorial, and that allows to create any kind of graphics, resolution independant.

In addition to simply displaying SVG files, the bean allows for scripting nodes by adding callback on click, and allowing to move SVG nodes and capture coordinates by using special object called MouseTrackers.

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Project Leader: Patrick Talbot
Reporter: Othmane Himadi, Robert Ivens

Latest news

SVG Bean v1.0.4 release
Added a trackersActive (boolean) design-time and scripting property, to enable/disable MouseTracker mouse events and callbacks
Added by Patrick Talbot over 7 years ago

SVG Bean v1.0.3 release
Update with a new setLocation method, to allow moving elements on the SVG canvas.
Added by Patrick Talbot over 7 years ago

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