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  Eastwood 1413 19 days Patrick Talbot Updated barcode4j to latest, using zxing to gen...
  VelocityReportPlugin 1414 19 days Patrick Talbot Added BARCODE.QRCODE and management
  VelocitySessionListener 1192 about 2 years Patrick Talbot Adding VelocitySessionListener and Servlet project

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1414 03/09/2017 06:00 pm Patrick Talbot

Added BARCODE.QRCODE and management

1413 03/09/2017 05:57 pm Patrick Talbot

Updated barcode4j to latest, using zxing to generate barcode

1409 02/16/2017 05:09 pm Patrick Talbot

Servoy 8.1.2 has updated Tomcat with a version that no longer accepts : and | in the url, so eastwood charts are broken.
Coded workaround to encode : as %3A and | as %7C to make it work in 8.1.2+

1405 02/14/2017 07:51 pm Patrick Talbot

Added readTemplate() and readTxtTemplate() methods to get the content of files in the reports folder.

1401 02/09/2017 02:01 pm Patrick Talbot

Fix for issue #1187

1397 01/30/2017 02:09 pm Patrick Talbot

Added init vector and salt parameters to the Velocity.encrypt/decrypt methods.

1393 01/13/2017 08:19 pm Patrick Talbot

numberToEnglishWords also accepting String input.

1389 01/12/2017 11:36 pm Patrick Talbot

Added numberToEnglishWords Velocity tool

1385 11/11/2016 02:28 pm Patrick Talbot

Changes for charts and eastwood related base URL in SmartClient when deployed as a war, which shouldn't use IApplicationServer.getApplicationURL() - now returning the url WITH the deployment context - but the value of velocityreport.serverURL as a base.

1381 10/18/2016 05:07 am Patrick Talbot

Added trace information for report folder path.

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