Version 1.0.1 released

Added by Robert Ivens almost 5 years ago

Bugfix version for opening the list picker dialog twice

Version 1.0 released

Added by Robert Ivens about 4 years ago

Release notes:
  • new Object Oriented design
  • rowBgColor support
  • support for more operators in filterparam
  • support for field formatting
  • support for adding sort
  • option to override the search with your own method
  • support for use of column-converter methods on columns
  • support for the KeyListener plugin
  • support for in-memory datasources
  • now has Continuations in web client
  • better feedback when parameters are missing
  • fix for multi-select in 2 pickers over the same table (patch from Victor Rojo Carbello)

Version 0.9.2 released

Added by Robert Ivens over 7 years ago

Release notes:
  • fixed the search method to support (>,<,>=,<=) operators properly
  • added the (required) property form.displayTypes
  • added the (required) property form.columnWidths to set the column widths per column (use - 1 to let the picker decide the width)
  • added the property form.rowHeight
  • got rid of the use of EVAL.
  • renamed the property callback.method to callback.methodName
  • added the property callback.methodFormName
  • cleaned up some code

version 0.9.1 released

Added by Robert Ivens over 7 years ago

Version 0.9.1 released.

Release notes:
- the Cancel and Create New buttons will now correctly positioned on Windows and Linux (reversed from Mac OS X)
- better support for the webclient (no more scrollbars)
- added 2 extra properties to set the button text, you could use i18n tags here.
- fixed a reference issue in the demo solution
- cleaned up some code

JSListPicker v0.9 released

Added by Robert Ivens over 7 years ago

JSListPicker is a dynamic search and selection dialog for those situations where a combo-box or contextual menu are not suited for.

Also available in: Atom