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Latest projects

  • voipgrid API (04/27/2017 11:34 am)

    voipgrid provides an API for click and call when you are on their network.
    We have created the code to use this API in a module
    An user of the module now only has to adress the variables an call the method automaticity an outgoing call is created on the users VOIP-phone...

  • Servoy CrystalReports Plugin (04/05/2016 01:42 am)

    A plugin to enable deployment of Crystal Reports in Servoy applications

  • Usabilla Plugin (02/10/2016 01:35 am)

    A plugin to facilitate access to the Usabilla.com API

    Sponsored by WelcomeCCS

  • SQLEditor (11/09/2015 02:32 pm)

    A visual tool for creating and executing SQL statements, that can be build in into any Servoy solution. Alternative to database SQL consoles. Enables checkbox selection of tables and columns and generates SQL statements automatically.

    The integration of this SQL editor has three benefits:...

  • Extended Mouse Listener plugin (10/21/2015 09:21 pm)

    A simple that allows to add mouse listeners for clicks using extra buttons.
    Compatible Servoy 7+, Smart client running Java 7+ only

    Sponsored by Marc Boegem for Solutiative

Latest news

VelocityReport Plugin: Velocity 3.5.55
Fix for issue #1325 for Servoy 8.3
Added by Patrick Talbot 3 months ago

VelocityReport Plugin: Velocity 3.5.54
Fix for an issue in Servoy 8.2+ and Tomcat 8
Added by Patrick Talbot 7 months ago

Servoy-Plugins.de Google2: Google2 plugin v1.3.2
Added possibility to properly work with default reminders
Added by Patrick Ruhsert 9 months ago

VelocityReport Plugin: Velocity 3.5.53
Fix for a couple of issues with Servoy 8.x
Added by Patrick Talbot 11 months ago

MultiFileUploader Plugin: MultiFileUploader Plugin v1.0.10
Fix for #1238 securing window.opener that might not always be present.
Added by Patrick Talbot about 1 year ago

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