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Latest projects

  • Servoy-Plugins.de Google2 (11/19/2014 10:09 am)

    New Google plugin to support the Google Calendar API v3

  • Data Record Editor (10/21/2014 11:09 am)

    During development and later after the go-live, it is always handy to have immediate access to all data fields of a current data record, as the forms usually show only a subset of that record. That way you can inspect and change each field in a second, without switching to a database manager and seeking the record there, or switching to Servoy to the data tab of the table editor. ...

  • Redis plugin (10/03/2014 07:43 pm)

    MIT license.

    The Redis plugin provides an easy way for servoy projects to interface with most of the basic features of a Redis server

    The plugin has been developed and tested against Redis server version 2.8...

  • XML Plugin (06/04/2014 10:06 pm)

    Plugin for parsing, creating and manipulating XML

    Open Source version of Patrick Ruhsert's plugin
    See http://www.servoy-plugins.de/plugins/xml/xml-plugin.html for more information

  • Code Signer (02/03/2014 07:46 pm)

    A visual tool to help verifying/signing all your Servoy jars.

Latest news

VelocityReport Plugin: Velocity 3.5.18
Fix for issue #856
Added by Patrick Talbot about 5 hours ago

DnDOutlook Bean: DnDOutlook Bean v1.3.1
Using ACTION_COPY instead of ACTION_COPY_OR_MOVE to fix an issue where dropped emails 'passing' over a File System window was moving the email in outlook...
Added by Patrick Talbot 6 days ago

DnDFile Bean: DnDFile Bean v1.2.8 released
Added by Patrick Talbot 6 days ago

VelocityReport Plugin: Velocity 3.5.17
Added get(int) into DataSetRow. Make use of oneBasedLoops parameters in ArrayWrapper and DataSetRow.
Added by Patrick Talbot 10 days ago

VelocityReport Plugin: Velocity 3.5.16
Better ArrayWrapper implementation Added documentLoadedCallback to preview properties and setDocumentLoadedCallbackFunction in the Viewer
Added by Patrick Talbot 22 days ago

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