About ServoyForge

The mission of ServoyForge is to organize Servoy Open Source projects into a centralized community-owned platform.
It was build to enable talented Servoy/Java developers contributions and to offer innovative Open Source components to the Servoy community at large.

Being a community-owned platform means that this site is not a reflection of any corporate institution and doesn't depend on corporate views of any kind.
We are all free to make ServoyForge a powerful tool to our liking and to this aim ServoyForge should be considered a tool to be used - but not (ab)used.

Bear in mind that this community effort is made by people out of their free will and free time, so be patient if something is not to your liking, we will do our best to accommodate your wishes provided that they are reasonable and will benefit everyone.

As a rule, only real Open Source projects will be hosted here, meaning that the sources will always be opened to all and usage will be granted to anyone respecting the terms of the projects licenses.

Project Leaders, Contributors and Reporters will be responsible of the activity on their projects and of every information (news/wiki/files/documents) associated with it.

Forums discussions will not be monitored by ServoyForge administrators, opinions of any kind will be the sole responsibilities of their authors and Project Leaders will have the option to delete offending posts on their own forums. We will not interfere unless being repeatedly pointed to abusive usage.

ServoyForge aim to be a wide repository of projects, but we will set a limit to a project's life if no activity is occurring on it for a very long period (no downloads, no issues, no SVN activity).
We think that a project without any activity for more than 2 years, and with no support for currently active versions of Servoy, will therefore be a candidate for archiving.
In such an eventuality the Project Leader(s) will be contacted by email prior to archiving to see if he/she/they want to continue the project and update it.

- The ServoyForge Administrators

Here's a few "How to" links to get your started: