How to create a project

You can create your own project and benefit from all the project management tools ServoyForge has to offer.

There are only 2 conditions:
  • your project must be a truly Open Source project - you will be asked for the kind of license you have adopted and it must be an Open Source license.
    If in doubt, you can consult the Open Source Initiative Approved Licenses
  • you accept that your sources will be accessible (in read-only mode) to everyone
If you met these two conditions, all you will have to do is to:
  1. Register an account on ServoyForge
  2. Send and email to admin at servoyforge dot net requesting for a project to be opened for you
In your email, please precise:
  • the name of the project,
  • the license chosen,
  • a brief overview of your project,
  • whether you need a dedicated SVN repository to host your project.
    (If you already have an existing SVN repository then you can keep using that, you just link the project page to it. Just make sure it has read-only access to the world (requirement).)

A project will be opened for you with a unique identifier and you will be promoted Project Leader.
As Project Leader of your project, you will have every possible rights to manage your team, issues, roadmap, wiki, files, news, everything you need to work and communicate around your project.

You will have access to the 'Settings' section of your project, with ways to activate different modules, admit members from the pool of registered users (and grant them Reporter or Contributor rights), manage your versions and create forums amongst other things.