• Articles

    A collection of in-depth feature articles on various subjects involving Servoy and development in general.

  • Busy Plugin

    License: AGPL

    This is a plugin which blocks user entry to a screen and displays a status message with optional cancel button. It is intended for use when running a method or process that will take very long, and you want to give the user some UI feedback....

  • Code Signer

    A visual tool to help verifying/signing all your Servoy jars.

  • Column Converter Pro

    License: AGPL

    This is a client plugin that adds to the Servoy Column Converters in the column properties windows in dataproviders area. This plugin adds Blowfish Encryption/Decryption, and Global Method conversion....

  • COM Plugin

    License: LGPL

    This is a client or server-side plugin that allows you to interact with COM objects. These COM objects for example could be Microsoft Applications (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, Internet Explorer, etc), evaluation of VBScript, or other applications that have implemented COM (like .NET, VB, or FoxPro applications) . The download includes a sample solution showing interaction with VBScript, Internet Explorer and text-to-speech. This plugin uses the JACOB libraries....

  • CoverFlow Module

    With coverflow module user can experience the record browsing in three dimensional graphical user interface.

  • Dependency Analyzer

    A Serclipse plugin, compatible with Servoy 5.2 +, with a wizard to build a dependency analysis file, showing the active project and module resources possible conflicts and the module dependency tree issues with cycles and redundant inclusions.
    Helpful when you need to tackle dependency issues and need some hints on dependency optimization....

  • Direct SQL

    License: AGPL

    Direct JDBC access to the any database bypassing Servoy's built-in database connection functionality. This is useful for communicating over JDBC with drivers that aren't fully Type-4 compliant and you just want to do direct access to, with no need to build UI forms agains...

  • Data Record Editor

    During development and later after the go-live, it is always handy to have immediate access to all data fields of a current data record, as the forms usually show only a subset of that record. That way you can inspect and change each field in a second, without switching to a database manager and seeking the record there, or switching to Servoy to the data tab of the table editor. ...

  • Fractions

    Adds fractional data entry and display and decimal/fraction conversion to Servoy.

    Based on an early version of ratio.js. (

    Visit the Wiki for installation and usage (

  • IT2BE Barcode Plugin

    With the Barcode Plugin you can create a (JPEG) image direct in memory.

    You can download the Plug-in using the Components Manager.

    • The components manager and manual are available here
  • IT2BE Cryptor Plugin

    The Cryptor Plug-in for Servoy is packed with 12 functions for encryption, encoding etc.

    You can download the Plug-in using the Components Manager.

    • The components manager and manual are available here...
  • IT2BE Fax Plugin

    The Fax Plug-in makes faxing through a Servoy solution as simple as sending an email.

    You can download the Plug-in using the Components Manager.

    • The components manager and manual are available here...
  • IT2BE Splash Plugin

    The Splash Plug-in adds a splash screen to a solution.

    You can download the Plug-in using the Components Manager.

    • The components manager and manual are available here
  • IT2BE Tools Plugin

    The Tools Plug-in is the very first (ever) developed Plug-in for Servoy and is distributed as 'Freeware', packed with over 60 functions (both Client side and Server side).

    You can download the Plug-in using the Components Manager.

  • JDBC-Metadata Plugin

    This plugin exposes a bunch of metadata functions available in the JDBC driver.
    See the Wiki for more info on the available functions and screenshots of the demo solution in action.

    This plugin is compatible with Servoy 5.2.x and up. Also a Servoy 3.5.x version is available....

  • modCrypt

    A small module to encrypt and decrypt strings.
    It uses Java libraries included in standard installation of Servoy server.

  • MultiFileUploader Plugin

    A Web client plugin to ease the transfer of multiple files, using HTML 5 Drag N Drop, File, FileReader, FileList and Blob capabilities with the help of the JQuery-File-Upload plugin

    Check out the Wiki for compatibility, installation and usage documentation....

  • OAuth Plugin

    The OAuth plugin is a webclient plugin for using OAuth authentication.
    It is based on the scribe-java lib .
    Currently, it can be used for Facebook, Linkedin, Xero(public and private applications) authentication....

  • Redis plugin

    MIT license.

    The Redis plugin provides an easy way for servoy projects to interface with most of the basic features of a Redis server

    The plugin has been developed and tested against Redis server version 2.8...

  • Servoy Code Editor Bean

    A web client bean to embed a code editor - based on CodeMirror JavaScript component:

  • Servoy CrystalReports Plugin

    A plugin to enable deployment of Crystal Reports in Servoy applications

  • DnDFile Bean

    FreeBSD License

    This bean, when visible, adds a "drop target" surface on your form, and when not visible, transforms the whole form's background surface (and disabled/non editable objects) into a drop target for files coming from your file system....

    • DnDOutlook Bean

      An extension of the DnDFile Bean allowing to drop emails from Outlook 2003+ to get body (text and/or html) and attachments.
      Windows 32 and 64-bit only - compatible Servoy 3.5.x and more.

      Sponsored by John Lutgen for Devoon

  • FieldBuilder

    Jasper Report Field Builder

    A simple module you can attach to any solution and it will allow you to easily build the JRXML strings necessary to create fields in iReport for foundset based reports.

  • Google Apps Plugin

    License: AGPL

    This is a client plugin to integrate with Google Apps, including Accounts, Base, Blogger, and Calendar.

  • HL7 Plugin

    A simple plugin to connect to a remote HL7 server using TCP sockets using Lower Layer Protocol.
    The plugin takes care of the transport, but does not parse any HL7 messages though.

    Sponsored by STB

  • IT2BE Core Libraries

    The Core Libraries contain generic methods for all our Servoy Components (Plug-ins and Beans).

    See the Wiki for more information.

  • JSDatePicker module

    MIT License
    Servoy 5.x and up

    Requires mod_datejs .

    A 100% Servoy native replacement for the standard Java datepicker that works in Smart and Webclient....

  • JSDoc Serclipse Plugin

    A Serclipse plugin to automatically generate html documentation out of the annotations of your Servoy methods.

    Eclipse update site:

    Check the Wiki for installation instructions.

  • JSListPicker module

    MIT License
    Servoy 5.x and up

    What is it?

    A dynamic search and selection dialog for those situations where a combo-box or contextual menu are not suited for.

    Why a listpicker?

    Servoy's valuelist is limited to 500 items (but using such a long list in a combobox is considered bad UI)....

  • KeyListeners Plugin

    FreeBSD License

    A simple plugin to attach key listeners callback on any key event in your Servoy fields (keyPressed, keyTyped and keyReleased).

  • mod_console

    MIT License

    mod_console is a Servoy 4 module that provides a runtime JavaScript interpreter running in the Servoy Smart Client or Web Client.

    To use mod_console, import the module into your Servoy 4 installation. Add the module to an existing solution (or it can be run standalone as a solution). To open the console, call "globals.mod_console_show()" from somewhere in your solution, and the console will appear in a dialog....

  • mod_js_core

    MIT License

    mod_js_core extends built-in JavaScript objects, and provides a series of utility and convenience methods. Much of the code in this module is based on the Prototype.js project.

    Currently, mod_js_core has most all of the generic non-browser specific extensions from Prototype.js, based on Prototype v1.6. A full test suite is also available as a separate module....

  • MongoDB Connector

    A plugin that allows for connectivity to MongoDB databases.

  • NumberToWords Plugin

    A plugin which allows Servoy developers to use the functionality from icu4j library to spell out numbers to words and perform other rules-based conversions and formatting.
    The plugin will have built-in support for some languages (for example, English-US, English-UK, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Swedish, Japanese, Greek, Russian, Hebrew) and options to use a custom ruleSet provided as an input argument to extend support to almost any other languge....

  • PDF Pro Plugin

    License: AGPL

    The PDF Pro plug-in adds many features that are not available in the pdf_output plug-in that ships with Servoy. In order for the PDF Pro plug-in to function, it is required that the pdf_output plugin also be installed (free option in the Servoy Installer). The PDF Pro plug-in depends on the iText and Multivalent Tools java libraries, which are open-source and distributed under separate licenses. Both of those java libraries should already be installed after installing both the PDF Output plug-in, and the PDF Pro plug-in....

  • PdfSignature Plugin

    Makes a digital signature of a pdf document with a certificate file (pfx, p12).

  • PhoneNumber Plugin

    A plugin which allows Servoy developers to use the functionality from Google libphonenumber library to parse/format/validate phone numbers for all countries/regions of the world.

    More information regarding the Google libphonenumber project can be found here libphonenumber...

  • Robot Plugin

    Allow for communicating with other Clients on the application server, including getting information about idle time, shutting them down, etc. Also provides options to restart the application server
    See the WIki for more info....

  • Servoy JasperReports Plugin

    We have moved to GitHub, you can find us here: !

    JasperReports for Servoy
    A plug-in to enable the deployment of JasperReports in Servoy.

    SVN: svn://

  • Servoy Treeview Bean

    Tree table bean that uses datasets as data model

  • Alternative CSS for webclient

    This project provides an alternative CSS for the Servoy webclient

    We have updated/changed the following:

    • FormInDialog (has a drop-shadow and much cleaner interface)
    • Tab's in tabpanels (look much more like Smart-Client)
    • Table-view headers (has a light gradient & text-shadow)...
  • JWT Plugin

    A simple plugin to encode and decode JWT tokens.

  • OpenAPI plugin

    A plugin to parse OpenAPI specs (yaml or json) into a JavaScript object, resolving all $ref.
    Allows to generate the REST API definition and auto-generate the documentation in combination with the generator.war

  • Google2

    New Google plugin to support the Google Calendar API v3

  • ServoyUpdater

    A server plugin that will automatically update solutions on a Servoy server.

  • Servoy-Stuff Tutorials

    FreeBSD Documentation License

    The source of the Servoy-Stuff tutorials you all know and love ;-)

    • Whois Plugin

      FreeBSD License

      A very simple free plugin which queries a whois server to retrieve informations about a domain.
      It was made as an example in a tutorial on how to build plugins for Servoy.

  • ServoyCommons

    FreeBSD license

    Servoy's commons framework

  • ServoyForge (the website)

    This project is about this very website.
    Any issues, feature requests, questions and such can be posted here in the issue tracker or in the forum.

  • ServoySecurity

    FreeBSD license

    Servoy's security framework

  • SmartDoc Plugin

    FreeBSD License

    The SmartDoc Plugin is a brand new plugin which gives Servoy developers the power of the Apache Lucene/Solr Full-Text Enterprise Search Engine from within Servoy.
    It is compatible with Servoy 5.x for smart and web clients. ...

  • Spell Check Pro Plugin

    License: AGPL

    This is a Smart Client plugin that adds many features that are not available in the spellcheck plugin that ships with Servoy. This plugin is based on the open source JOrtho project at SourceForge. The plugin includes 6 dictionaries/languages: German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, and Russian. This plugin uses Wiktionary as the dictionary. ...

  • SQLEditor

    A visual tool for creating and executing SQL statements, that can be build in into any Servoy solution. Alternative to database SQL consoles. Enables checkbox selection of tables and columns and generates SQL statements automatically.

    The integration of this SQL editor has three benefits:...

  • Twitter Plugin

    A Twitter client plugin built with the help of the JTwitter library

    Sponsored by ROCLASI Software Solutions

  • Validator Pro

    License: AGPL

    The Validator Pro plugin adds additional column validators available in the column properties of the define dataproviders dialog

  • Vat ID Validator Plugin

    The Vat ID Validator Plugin can be used to check the validity of a VAT number issued by any EU Member State.
    The check is made through the VIES VAT number validation SOAP service from

    var vat_number = 'BE0999999999'...

  • VelocityReport Plugin

    FreeBSD License

    The Velocity Report plugin for Servoy provides Servoy developers with an entirely new reporting option.

    The Velocity Report plugin uses CSS (2.1 and 3) and XHTML for building complex layout, Apache Velocity for easy templating, any native Servoy objects for data filling (globals, datasets, foundsets, you name it!), JFree Charts or Google Charts for charting/graphing and Barcode4J for barcode generation. ...

    • Chart Script Builder Serclipse Plugin

      A Serclipse plugin to generate VelocityReport Chart Servoy scripts from a Google Chart URL.

      A great time saver that will jump start your charts in Velocity and get you up to speed with the various parameters in no time.

      The project is Open Source (FreeBSD License), but to get access to the binaries, a one time donation of CAD $50 is required....

    • Velocity Samples

      A project to hold sample solutions for VelocityReport and Velocity plugin, including web sites build with Velocity Web client capabilities

    • Velocity Services

      This project is providing external services that Velocity will leverage to add pluggable functionalities.

      Sponsored by the JBS Group

  • VFP Plugin

    This plugin provides Servoy developers with a Visual FoxPro background (and maybe a few others as well) to lookup familiar VFP syntax and inject the corresponding Servoy/JavaScript code into their solution. Currently more than 100 commands and functions are included and many more will follow....

  • voipgrid API

    voipgrid provides an API for click and call when you are on their network.
    We have created the code to use this API in a module
    An user of the module now only has to adress the variables an call the method automaticity an outgoing call is created on the users VOIP-phone...

  • Web Client Utils

    FreeBSD License

    The Web Client Utils plug-in is a tool that allows two-way communication between the Servoy scripting environment and the browser Javascript runtime.
    As such, browser-side Javascript may be invoked from Servoy methods (which execute server-side)....

  • XML Plugin

    Plugin for parsing, creating and manipulating XML

    Open Source version of Patrick Ruhsert's plugin
    See for more information

  • Yet an other JasperReports Plugin (YAJP)

    Implementing CVS and XML input source. Enhanced output options like paper tray support. Better bean support. Optional viewer-pointer return to place the viewer in front.

Also available in: Atom