A free Serclipse Plugin to generate the HTML documentation of your Servoy solutions, compatible with Servoy 5.x

Based on the JSDoc annotations that you can now add to your Servoy methods, it will automatically generate HTML documentation using an adapted version of the JSDoc Toolkit embedded in a Serclipse plugin for your convenience.

It will add a new "Generate JSDoc" capability to your Servoy developer environment.

To use it, select a solution, then right click and choose "Generate JSDoc..." in the contextual menu:

Generate JSDoc...

By default, the documentation will be generated inside your solution's folder in your workspace in a folder named "docs" with a style called JProton.
If you want to change these default values, you can do so in the JsDoc preferences panel, just go in your preferences, and choose the JsDoc node:


To install, just retrieve the plugin using the Eclipse plugin manager.

1/ In your preferences "Install/Update > Available Software Sites" and choose "Add...":

Available software update sites

2/ Add a site with these informations:
Name: Servoy Stuff updates

Add a site

3/ Click OK, and make sure the site is "Enabled", then in your Help menu, choose "Install New Software..."
Choose to "Work with" the "Servoy Stuff updates" site, Eclipse will check the site, you should see the "JSDoc Plugin" item (under the "Serclipse" node):


4/ check it and click "Next >", then follow the instructions...