!!h1. Overview

This is a sample solution and Web Components that will accompany upcoming ServoyU videos on how to create your own Web Components. We have the following examples so far:


This sample shows how to implement a top nav menu, and side bar menu. It is based on this standard Bootstrap example:

This includes 2 navigation web components:
  1. navbar- A horizontal menu with title, menu items, and optional search area
  2. sidebar- A vertial menu of menu items

This also includes a sample solution demonstrating how to use the components. The solution includes some dummy/hard coded menu items, as well as examples on how to hook it up to your own db.

In depth instructions, walk-through and how-to's will be included in the upcoming ServoyU videos. For now, reel free to checkout the resources project (svn:// to get the Web Components, and checkout the sample solution at svn://

Note: These are for demonstration purposes and aren't yet fully complete. I'll be adding more features over time and more videos to go along with them.