License: AGPL

This is a plugin which blocks user entry to a screen and displays a status message with optional cancel button. It is intended for use when running a method or process that will take very long, and you want to give the user some UI feedback.

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Project Leader: Patrick Talbot, Scott Butler
Contributor: Imre Tokai
Reporter: Othmane Himadi

Latest news

Busy plugin v2.3.1
Workaround for issues with busy and mod_dialogs Continuations in 7+
Added by Patrick Talbot about 3 years ago

Busy plugin v2.3
Fixes #556, #709 and #793 Tested in 5.2, 6.0, 6.1, 7.3, 7.4
Added by Patrick Talbot about 3 years ago

Busy plugin v2.2.6
Fix for a NPE on dispose of BusyScriptObject, patch by Danny Richardson
Added by Patrick Talbot over 3 years ago

Busy plugin v2.2.5 release
Added patch from Patrick Ruhsert to get rid Debug log messages.
Added by Patrick Talbot about 4 years ago

Busy plugin v2.2.4 release
See issue #541 - Revised patch from Juan Manuel Ventura with added fontType parameter (and antialiasing in Smart client) for message.
Added by Patrick Talbot almost 5 years ago

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