Scott Butler





10:03 PM COM Plugin Revision 16: Upgrade from Jacob 1.19 to 1.20
Scott Butler


04:18 PM COM Plugin Revision 15: Update the jacob library from 1.16-M1 to the latest, 1.19.
Scott Butler
04:12 PM COM Plugin
Scott Butler


06:12 PM Direct SQL Feature #552 (Rejected): Add Server-Side feature
Scott Butler
06:11 PM Direct SQL Feature #552: Add Server-Side feature
Scott Butler wrote:
> make an optional call to communicate through the App Server by making the plugin server side.
Scott Butler


02:01 AM Direct SQL Feature #553 (Closed): Add option to close the connection
Fixed in latest version. closeConnection is also called automatically on setConnection so only 1 is open. Scott Butler
02:00 AM Direct SQL Revision 12: Close connection on setConnection v2
Scott Butler
01:49 AM Direct SQL directSQL.jar
v1 of DirectSQL for Servoy 5.x-7x compiled for Java 6+ with closeConnection support Scott Butler
01:47 AM Direct SQL Revision 11: Close connection on setConnection
Scott Butler


05:34 PM COM Plugin Defect #1364: Executing a function with an integer parameter appears to evaluate to a floating number
Their docs state the index can be a string or number, so maybe try it as a string.
Scott Butler

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