License: LGPL

This is a client or server-side plugin that allows you to interact with COM objects. These COM objects for example could be Microsoft Applications (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, Internet Explorer, etc), evaluation of VBScript, or other applications that have implemented COM (like .NET, VB, or FoxPro applications) . The download includes a sample solution showing interaction with VBScript, Internet Explorer and text-to-speech. This plugin uses the JACOB libraries.

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Project Leader: Scott Butler, Sean Devlin
Contributor: Imre Tokai, Patrick Talbot

Latest news

COM plugin v1.1.2 release
Updated sample with best practices + small optimizations
Added by Patrick Talbot about 5 years ago

COM plugin v1.1.1 release
Added a toString() method to ease the use of JSVariant Updated sample solution
Added by Patrick Talbot about 5 years ago

COM plugin v1.1 release
Cleaned up and compatible 32/64-bit with auto deployment. Updated Jacob version to the latest
Added by Patrick Talbot over 5 years ago

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