An extension of the DnDFile Bean allowing to drop emails from Outlook 2003+ to get body (text and/or html) and attachments.
Windows 32 and 64-bit only - compatible Servoy 3.5.x and more.

Sponsored by John Lutgen for Devoon

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Project Leader: Patrick Talbot
Reporter: John Lugten, Marc Boegem, Othmane Himadi

Latest news

DnDOutlook Bean v1.3.2
Fix for cases where 2 or more files were dropped and one at least doesn't have an ID.
Added by Patrick Talbot over 1 year ago

DnDOutlook Bean v1.3.1
Using ACTION_COPY instead of ACTION_COPY_OR_MOVE to fix an issue where dropped emails 'passing' over a File System window was moving the email in outlook...
Added by Patrick Talbot almost 2 years ago

DnDOutlook Bean v1.3
Modified bean to save raw .msg files to a specified location (can be UNC path). Added a path property to the bean to set the path. If path is null, no save occurs.
Added by Patrick Talbot over 2 years ago

DndOutlook Bean v1.2.2
Also re-throw if SenderName/EntryID email properties can't be retrieved.
Added by Patrick Talbot over 4 years ago

DndOutlook Bean v1.2.1
MaximumEmailException was improperly trapped onDrop
Added by Patrick Talbot over 4 years ago

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