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The Velocity Report plugin for Servoy provides Servoy developers with an entirely new reporting option.

The Velocity Report plugin uses CSS (2.1 and 3) and XHTML for building complex layout, Apache Velocity for easy templating, any native Servoy objects for data filling (globals, datasets, foundsets, you name it!), JFree Charts or Google Charts for charting/graphing and Barcode4J for barcode generation.

Using CSS and XHTML for layout, report templates can be built quickly by non-technical team members, without the need for designers to learn complex report-authoring tools such as Servoy itself, or iReport Designer.

These non-technical "report designers" will be able to take advantage of the full CSS 2.1 specification, XHTML and CSS 3's @page module in order to achieve advanced and visually pleasing reports. And by declaring variables with the Velocity syntax, report designers can signify the need for data by embedding tags such as $BarChart or $FirstName within report templates, which can later be filled with data from Servoy, by a Servoy developer, simply passing an object of parameters with like names.

The Velocity Report plugin is fully web and smart client compatible and can render reports within Servoy - in a viewer window - to PDF or to XHTML.

Report templates are simple (well-formed) HTML documents, which can be saved in a Servoy-server-accessible path defined by a server plugin property.

See the Wiki for additional information...

With version 2.0, VelocityReport now also contains the Velocity Web client plugin, which allows you to build web sites and pages using easy templates and a sophisticated servlet, along with easy to build web services.

See the Velocity documentation to learn more about it...

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