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10:58 pm Servoy JasperReports Plugin Feature #810: Guidelines on how to use the HTML component
Thanks Andrei I will have a look


12:01 pm Servoy JasperReports Plugin Feature #810 (Closed): Guidelines on how to use the HTML component
Hi, could you please give us some guidance on how to use the HTML component?


11:08 am NumberToWords Plugin Defect #627 (Closed): Problem running the plugin from the server
I have a problem running the plugin from the server. It works fine from developer.
This is the log I get in my Java ...


04:59 pm VelocityReport Plugin Feature #264: getRecord() on foundsets is zero based
Go ahead !!


02:04 pm JSListPicker module Feature #255 (Closed): Update to new methods in Servoy6
Upgrade the solution not to use deprectated methods in Servoy6, like closeForm(), showFormInDialog(), etc.


07:12 pm VelocityReport Plugin Feature #246 (Closed): Fromatting numbers to blank if zero
Could be great if we could format numbers to blank if zero. For example $numberFormat("B #,###.00",$number)
I know...


02:57 pm VelocityReport Plugin Feature #236 (Closed): Ignore zero values in charts
Would be great if the wrapper could ignoe the zero values for charts.
02:56 pm VelocityReport Plugin Feature #235 (Closed): Change the language for viewer buttons
Could it be possible to add the ability of changing the language of the viewer buttons.
If so and you need help wi...


07:39 pm JSListPicker module Patch #158 (Closed): ToolTips for Columns
Hi Robert,
I have updated your code so a ToolTip can be shown for fields.
I hope you can integrate it in futur...


07:08 pm JSListPicker module Feature #136 (Closed): Support MEDIA data providers
Could be good that fields that contain MEDIAS be shown. I have a form with members of a society and the picture of th...

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