Juan Antonio Santana Medina





10:58 PM Servoy JasperReports Plugin Feature #810: Guidelines on how to use the HTML component
Thanks Andrei I will have a look Juan Antonio Santana Medina


12:01 PM Servoy JasperReports Plugin Feature #810 (Closed): Guidelines on how to use the HTML component
Hi, could you please give us some guidance on how to use the HTML component?
Juan Antonio Santana Medina


11:08 AM NumberToWords Plugin Defect #627 (Closed): Problem running the plugin from the server
I have a problem running the plugin from the server. It works fine from developer.
This is the log I get in my Java ...
Juan Antonio Santana Medina


04:59 PM VelocityReport Plugin Feature #264: getRecord() on foundsets is zero based
Go ahead !!
Juan Antonio Santana Medina


02:04 PM JSListPicker module Feature #255 (Closed): Update to new methods in Servoy6
Upgrade the solution not to use deprectated methods in Servoy6, like closeForm(), showFormInDialog(), etc.
Juan Antonio Santana Medina


07:12 PM VelocityReport Plugin Feature #246 (Closed): Fromatting numbers to blank if zero
Could be great if we could format numbers to blank if zero. For example $numberFormat("B #,###.00",$number)
I know...
Juan Antonio Santana Medina


02:57 PM VelocityReport Plugin Feature #236 (Closed): Ignore zero values in charts
Would be great if the wrapper could ignoe the zero values for charts. Juan Antonio Santana Medina
02:56 PM VelocityReport Plugin Feature #235 (Closed): Change the language for viewer buttons
Could it be possible to add the ability of changing the language of the viewer buttons.
If so and you need help wi...
Juan Antonio Santana Medina


07:39 PM JSListPicker module Patch #158 (Closed): ToolTips for Columns
Hi Robert,
I have updated your code so a ToolTip can be shown for fields.
I hope you can integrate it in futur...
Juan Antonio Santana Medina


07:08 PM JSListPicker module Feature #136 (Closed): Support MEDIA data providers
Could be good that fields that contain MEDIAS be shown. I have a form with members of a society and the picture of th... Juan Antonio Santana Medina

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