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Guidelines on how to use the HTML component

Added by Juan Antonio Santana Medina over 7 years ago. Updated over 7 years ago.

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Hi, could you please give us some guidance on how to use the HTML component?




Updated by Andrei Costache over 7 years ago

Hi Juan,

I have not seen any explicit documentation on it. It is pretty much a simple placeholder component for html text, similar to a Servoy html text area; the jasper htmlcomponent has a property called "html content expression" that receives the value of some html text. And it will interpret/render that inside your component. It has been inside JasperReports for some time, but apparently we have not had anyone reporting problems trying to use it (not sure how many do use it with our plugin).

There is a sample shipped with the default jasperreports project distribution (not the plugin). My advice is to download a jaseperreports project zip (from and have a look inside the /demo/samples/htmlcomponent folder. Maybe play a bit with the demo. Also, faster would be to just create a sample report using iReport or better with JasperSoft Studio :) and place/drag&drop an html type element from the components palette on the report and check its properties.

Hope this helps getting started.

Best regards,


Updated by Juan Antonio Santana Medina over 7 years ago

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Thanks Andrei I will have a look


Updated by Andrei Costache over 7 years ago

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