MIT License
Servoy 5.x and up

What is it?

A dynamic search and selection dialog for those situations where a combo-box or contextual menu are not suited for.

Why a listpicker?

Servoy's valuelist is limited to 500 items (but using such a long list in a combobox is considered bad UI).
You could use a typeahead field where the list loads dynamically depending on what you type but that also has it's limitations.
The valuelist can also be cumbersome when you need to see more info of this record to make a decision on what record to choose.
This is where the JSListPicker comes in.

The JSListPicker doesn't have all these limitations. it can handle millions of records, allows for showing multiple columns and lets a user search on multiple columns as well.
And you, as a developer, are in full control of all that.

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