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06:47 am JSListPicker module Revision 59: some cosmetic changes


12:37 am JSListPicker module Revision 58: - refactored the listpicker objects and moved them into it's own scope (scopes.listp...
- cleaned up the global scope and added some wrapper functions so existing solution code doesn't break for people. I ...
12:34 am JSListPicker module Revision 57: removed the docs directory
12:34 am JSListPicker module Revision 56: - fixed all the build markers
- cleaned up the code
- made all functions private
- changed the rowBgColor method to an onRender


05:35 pm Velocity Services Defect #969 (Resolved): NPE on service call
Ah, I knew I was overlooking something. The solution name.
The #parse("services.json") approach works for me, thanks!...
02:10 pm Velocity Services Defect #969 (Resolved): NPE on service call
I have a module with a bunch of service calls. When I run the module (in developer) I can call the services without a...


08:49 pm Code Signer Defect #833: Hangs when running in java 8
Actually I don't see any notices on the Java website that Java 7 is not supported on Yosemite. When Yosemite was beta...


02:31 am ServoyForge (the website) Defect #834: Provide Git
Providing Git support is being investigated.
Redmine (the software we use for this site) already supports it but the...
12:29 am ServoyForge (the website) Defect #834: Provide Git
Quick question:
Are you asking to when YOU start your own project you want to use a Git repo?
Or are you asking th...


11:18 pm Twitter Plugin Defect #815: Twitter plugin not working on Servoy 7.4.1
Hi Irene,
> We would like to display the twitter feeds of contacts in our database.
> One of my colleagues made i...

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