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mod_js_core extends built-in JavaScript objects, and provides a series of utility and convenience methods. Much of the code in this module is based on the Prototype.js project.

Currently, mod_js_core has most all of the generic non-browser specific extensions from Prototype.js, based on Prototype v1.6. A full test suite is also available as a separate module.

To use mod_js_core, download and import the module into your Servoy workspace, add the module to a solution, and call "globals.mod_js_core_init();" in your solution onOpen method to extend the environment.

To include the Unit Test extensions, call "globals.mod_js_core_init(true);"

For documentation, see the Prototype.js website. All Object, Enumerable, String, Date, Number, Range and extensions are available, as well as the Class creation tools.

Please post an issues here. I'm still working through a few minor issues in the Test suite, but most everything should be ready for production.

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Project Leader: Greg Pierce

Contributor: Robert Ivens