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mod_console is a Servoy 4 module that provides a runtime JavaScript interpreter running in the Servoy Smart Client or Web Client.

To use mod_console, import the module into your Servoy 4 installation. Add the module to an existing solution (or it can be run standalone as a solution). To open the console, call "globals.mod_console_show()" from somewhere in your solution, and the console will appear in a dialog.

In the console, you can type in JavaScript code, and click the play button to evaluate the code. The JavaScript will be executed in the Client's runtime, thus you have access to all built-in Servoy methods, as well as any global and form methods you have defined in your solution. The results of the code evaluation are displayed, and a history log kept of recent code executions.

By default, the code is executed in the global scope (where the 'this' keyword evaluate to Servoy's global scope object), but optionally, you can select "Form" in the scope popup, and enter a form name to have the code evaluated in the scope of that form -- ie, as if it were a method defined on the form. This is accomplished by dynamically creating a method on the form in the runtime and running it.

mod_console is useful for exploring code and objects in your solution, inspecting objects in the runtime to help with debugging, or just generally playing around. Remember any operations performed are "real" and manipulation of data, etc., will be saved to the database.

mod_console is distributed under an MIT license, and is free for you to do with as you please.

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