This will give you a simple roadmap to get it right in no time!


  1. Check the Project Summary and Plugin Overview page
  2. Install in Servoy, following the Installation instructions
  3. Know about the Methods and Parameters you can use
  4. Get to know how to use CSS Layout
  5. Understand Velocity
  6. Know about Charting and Barcode
  7. Also check out the Velocity Chart Script Builder Serclipse Plugin to help you build charts
  8. Review the FAQ and the current Issues
  9. Later you might want to know about Rendering and the Java Stack that is used
  10. Wondering how to export to Excel? Check out this little Excel export How-To.

Velocity web client / web services

  1. Want to check the Velocity Web Client? Easily serve web pages and REST services? Have a look at the Documentation.

Velocity Services

  1. Want to know how to easily invoke REST services with Velocity? Have a look at the Velocity Services project

Velocity.pdf - Servoy World 2012 Velocity Web Client presentation (200.2 kB) Preview Patrick Talbot, 11/09/2012 06:28 pm