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11:17 pm Fractions fractions_demo.servoy
Servoy solution from the demo movie
11:11 pm Fractions Fractions release
Add fractional data entry and display and decimal/fraction conversion to Servoy.
11:03 pm Fractions FRACTION.js


03:02 am Dialogs module Defect #529 (Closed): controller.recreateUI() forces full reload of page in web client
servoy case with further details: https://support.servoy.com/browse/SVY-2678


08:08 pm Web Client Utils Defect #516: callback params need string escaping
my bad, this is working correctly. the trick is unescaped parameters need to match a variable set in the js to execut...
07:37 pm Web Client Utils Defect #517 (New): command console error when callback specified
the following error is returned when the command console is used to run a method with the "executeClientSideJS" funct...
07:31 pm Web Client Utils Defect #516 (New): callback params need string escaping
callback params need to have escaped out quotes around them. so the sample code is wrong:
var jsToExecute = "var s...


06:02 pm The Browser Suite Feature #291 (Closed): cut/copy/paste in TinyMCE
TinyMCE could really use cut/copy/paste if possible!


11:29 pm VelocityReport Plugin Feature #162 (Closed): Trap for cntrl-w/cmd-w key stroke
Possible to close viewer by keystroke?


08:26 pm ServoyCommons Defect #114 (Resolved): .servoy file requires a password on import
My guess has something to do with Patrick's comment here: http://www.servoymagazine.com/home/2010/06/tips-rename-appl...

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