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The Web Client Utils plug-in is a tool that allows two-way communication between the Servoy scripting environment and the browser Javascript runtime.
As such, browser-side Javascript may be invoked from Servoy methods (which execute server-side).
Conversely, Servoy methods may also be triggered from client-side javascript.

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Project Leader: Sean Devlin
Contributor: P Bakker, Patrick Talbot

Latest news

WebClientUtils v1.4.1
Fix for issue #861, importing patch from Edit Mera to add and remove global CSS resources
Added by Patrick Talbot almost 3 years ago

WebClientUtils v1.4
Added patch from Johan Compagner adding a getPageCallbackURL method
Added by Patrick Talbot about 4 years ago

WebClientUtils v1.3.7 release
Including Laurian's patch for CSS in IE
Added by Patrick Talbot over 4 years ago

WebClientUtils v1.3.5 release
Fixes issue #585 - patch from Andrei/Laurian
Added by Patrick Talbot over 5 years ago

WebClientUtils v1.3.4 release
Fixes issue #551 for Servoy 6.1 scoped functions added in a callback
Added by Patrick Talbot almost 6 years ago

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