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09:41 pm Web Client Utils Defect #551 (Closed): plugins.WebClientUtils.generateCallbackScript(...) mixes up the method to c...
if you define 2 methods named "callback" in 2 different scopes (scopes.x and scopes.y) and generate the callbackScrip...


10:50 am Dialogs module Revision 77: Cleaner, future proof way to terminate the current method stack


10:46 am Dialogs module Revision 76: Wrapped method termination code in a function, which branches based on Servoy's buil...


12:55 pm KeyListeners Plugin Defect #505 (Closed): Plugin can't handle functions that live in custom scopes besides globals (S...
If I pass a scope method as second param of the addKeyListener plugin, on line 79 of the MyFunctionDefinition(Functio...


01:22 pm Dialogs module Revision 70: Changed dialog form cleanup mechanism to not do it's work in the onhide event using ...


03:01 pm Dialogs module Revision 69: Fix for guesstimator: didn't take into account all characters


05:20 pm Dialogs module Revision 68: Fixes for setting width of label displaying the messageText on input & select dialogs


11:37 am Dialogs module Revision 62: JSDoc improvements


03:23 pm Dialogs module Defect #396 (Closed): When globals.DIALOGS.setDialogHeight(height) is called with a too low value...
See the stacktrace:
TypeError: Cannot call method "setLocation" of undefined (c:\workspace\mod_dialog\forms\dialogs_...


08:08 pm Web Client Utils Feature #385: Passing JSON/XML FS objects to and from server
As far as I see it, the serialization of a Foundset to JSON in order to send it to the Client and/or sending it back ...

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