A Web client plugin to ease the transfer of multiple files, using HTML 5 Drag N Drop, File, FileReader, FileList and Blob capabilities with the help of the JQuery-File-Upload plugin

Check out the Wiki for compatibility, installation and usage documentation.

Sponsored by Graham Greensall for Worxinfo Ltd

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MultiFileUploader Plugin v1.0.10
Fix for #1238 securing window.opener that might not always be present.
Added by Patrick Talbot 10 months ago

MultiFileUploader Plugin v1.0.9 release
Fix for a class removed in Servoy 8+
Added by Patrick Talbot about 2 years ago

MultiFileUploader Plugin v1.0.8 release
Fix for an issue in developer 7.4+
Added by Patrick Talbot over 3 years ago

MultiFileUploader Plugin v1.0.7 release
Fix for https issue
Added by Patrick Talbot about 4 years ago

MultiFileUploader Plugin v1.0.6 release
Fix for wrong port used with https
Added by Patrick Talbot about 4 years ago

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