A plugin which allows Servoy developers to use the functionality from icu4j library to spell out numbers to words and perform other rules-based conversions and formatting.
The plugin will have built-in support for some languages (for example, English-US, English-UK, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Swedish, Japanese, Greek, Russian, Hebrew) and options to use a custom ruleSet provided as an input argument to extend support to almost any other languge.

More information regarding the ICU project can be found here ICU Project Page

The plugin is built against Servoy 6.x and can be used in all types of Servoy clients (Smart, Web, Headless)

Contribution from Argos Software

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Project Leader: Rossen Totev
Contributor: Anuradha G, Rajiv Perera

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Published v1.0 (1 comment)
Published version 1.0 of the plugin
Added by Rossen Totev over 6 years ago

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