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This bean, when visible, adds a "drop target" surface on your form, and when not visible, transforms the whole form's background surface (and disabled/non editable objects) into a drop target for files coming from your file system.

When visible, it is a JList of files and it will have all the behaviors you would expect from a JList: you can select multiple lines, and you can also omit some files.

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Project Leader: Patrick Talbot
Reporter: Othmane Himadi

Latest news

DnDFile Bean v1.2.8 released
Added by Patrick Talbot almost 3 years ago

DndFile Bean v1.2.7 released
Added 'limitToSize' bean flag to limit the drop surface to the surface of the bean when using visible=false (defaults to false to keep backward compatibility)
Added by Patrick Talbot over 6 years ago

DndFile Bean v1.2.6 released
Small bug fix for Servoy 6.x
Added by Patrick Talbot over 6 years ago

DndFile Bean v1.2.5 released
reset() when called from an onDrop call back doesn't work on some platform: invokeLater from the Swing EDT
Added by Patrick Talbot over 6 years ago

DnDFile Bean v1.2.4 release
Fixes dropping of files with a space in the path and more than one files (on Mac OS X)
Added by Patrick Talbot about 7 years ago

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