A visual tool for creating and executing SQL statements, that can be build in into any Servoy solution. Alternative to database SQL consoles. Enables checkbox selection of tables and columns and generates SQL statements automatically.

The integration of this SQL editor has three benefits:
1) it is integrated into the solution, so that SELECT and UPDATE is possible without switching to pgAdmin
2) getting the names of tables and fields with a mouseclick, from large tables that show at once, instead of typing them in or opening table/field-trees from a treeview with the +-button, which needs time
3) the editor changes (flushes) any updated data right away in the client, so that one can see the actual changes at once without starting the client new

The editor provides also a function to list all tables and indexes, number of rows, table and index size, sorted by name or by size.

Screenshot in the file section.

Developer: Sergei Sheinin
Idea: Bernd Korthaus
Testing: Gary Dotzlaw

  • License: Apache License, Version 2.0
  • Category: Module

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Project Leader: Bernd Korthaus, Gary Dotzlaw, Sergei Sheinin