What is Donay?

Donay is a new service independant from ServoyForge what allows you to place money as incentive on any issue, in just a few clicks.

How does it work?

Open an existing issue detail page on ServoyForge and you will find now an 'Incentify' panel:

  • By clicking ‘Incentify’ you are able to place an Incentive.
  • Define incentive conditions and make a payment by PayPal or using your Credit Card.
  • Incentive is placed in a secure account and stays there until release, cancellation, or incentive expire.
  • You are notified by email when the issue is resolved and then you have 10 days to inspect the solution.
  • By leaving the issue in resolved status, you accept the solution. After 10 days, the incentive is released to the developer(s) account.

Incentives can be as small as 1€ or 1$ and as much as you want. Any number of incentives can be added to an issue: the more, the merrier!
Of course, the more money, the bigger the incentive for the developer to work on that issue or feature request and resolve it. Learn more

Questions and Answers

Q: Has Donay any relation to Servoy or ServoyForge?
A: Donay was founded by Corne and Jan Blok as an independant company. It's not part of Servoy nor does it have any ties with ServoyForge.
ServoyForge is just the first member of Donay's Incentify Partner Program.

Q: Does a project receive the full amount of the incentive(s)?
A: As stated above Donay provides this service and takes a small percentage. ServoyForge, as a hosting partner, also gets a small percentage of the total. Any other services used like PayPal may also take a percentage or fixed amount from each transaction.

Still have questions? Visit Donay's help page , or contact Donay .