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Provide Git

Added by Sebastian Schlatow over 9 years ago. Updated over 9 years ago.

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ServoyForge should also provide Git as version control system.



Updated by Robert Ivens over 9 years ago

Quick question:
Are you asking to when YOU start your own project you want to use a Git repo?
Or are you asking that OTHER projects also provide a Git repository.


Updated by Sebastian Schlatow over 9 years ago

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Hi Robert, if I start a project, then I would prefer Git, but it would be also great if other projects would be provide a Git repo. Another case if someone want to update a project, it would be great if it would be possible to fork it, because there is no write-access to the SVN repo. Then it should be possible to create a pull-request, so that the original author could than decide for merging it into the original project (like on GitHub or GitLab


Updated by Patrick Talbot over 9 years ago

For SVN repos, you can provide patches and achieve the same thing.


Updated by Sebastian Schlatow over 9 years ago

Yes, I know, but it would be a step into the future to have Git. ;)


Updated by Sebastian Schlatow over 9 years ago

The main thing is only to provide Git, not more. The other was only a suggestion . ;)


Updated by Robert Ivens over 9 years ago

Providing Git support is being investigated.
Redmine (the software we use for this site) already supports it but the thing is that with Git you probably want more support like pull requests and such which Redmine doesn't offer.

As for existing projects offering ALSO a git repo is of course totally up to the project members. We can not require that or even offer a Git copy of an SVN repo or a SVN copy of a Git repo depending on what a project wants to use. Usually one chooses their SCM and stick with it. The fact that outside developers might want to use another SCM is then not relevant.

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