From 04/20/2011 to 05/19/2011


07:24 pm Revision 45: Version 1.0.1
Robert Ivens
07:16 pm Revision 44: updated the documentation
Robert Ivens
07:05 pm Gantt module 1.0.1 released
Added 2 methods
* api_getTask(projectPK, taskPK)
* api_getTaskCount(projectPK)
Also added an allnames property t...
Robert Ivens
07:01 pm Gantt_demo.servoy
Demo file INCLUDING mod_gantt (WITHOUT mod_datejs, but is required!) Robert Ivens
07:00 pm mod_gantt.servoy
Gantt module (WITHOUT mod_datejs, but is required!) Robert Ivens
06:58 pm Feature #302 (Closed): getTask()
Robert Ivens
06:57 pm Feature #302 (Closed): getTask()
Being able to get the task object via the projectPK and TaskPK.
Also provide an array with the names of available pr...
Robert Ivens
06:56 pm Feature #301 (Closed): getTaskCount
Get the task count of a project Robert Ivens
06:54 pm Revision 43: added some more info in callbackMethod
Robert Ivens
06:54 pm Revision 42: changed version number
Robert Ivens
06:48 pm Revision 41: added api_getTaskCount()
Robert Ivens
06:42 pm Revision 40: - added allnames array to the object the callback method returns as well
- added projectID and task id to returned object in api_getTask() Robert Ivens
06:30 pm Revision 39: - added method api_getTask(projectPK, taskPK)
- added allnamed[] property to the returned object of api_getProject(projectPK)
This property holds all the names of ...
Robert Ivens
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