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05:13 PM Code Signer Feature #1591 (Resolved): use hardware token
Hi Patrick,
is it possible the we can use the tool with a hardware token?
You can't get a signing certificate any...
Harjo Kompagnie


09:00 AM Servoy JasperReports Plugin Defect #1555 (Closed): adding spring jars still valid for smartclient?
See here: Harjo Kompagnie


01:34 PM Code Signer Feature #895 (Rejected): codesigner different java version
Hi just a few questions:
* Is it possible to compile one codesigner, that automatically is compatible with java 7 ...
Harjo Kompagnie


09:13 AM Servoy JasperReports Plugin Defect #848 (Resolved): .jasper report fails when fired for the first time in webclient!
Hi, we have an issue, when a .jasper report is fired the first time in webclient!
We use the Basic version 4.0.2 (we...
Harjo Kompagnie


12:35 PM Dialogs module Defect #685: HTML tags arenot recognized any more in dialogs
Did you try the trunk version?
Out of my head, the message need the syntax: 'i18n:key.set_default_filter_message'
Harjo Kompagnie


12:16 PM Servoy JasperReports Plugin Defect #830 (Resolved): nullpointer exception when using virtualizer
Hi, we have updated to jasper reports plugin, version 4.0.2 final and Servoy 7.4.2
When using the virtualizer, like ...
Harjo Kompagnie


11:35 AM Code Signer Feature #829 (Closed): set Appname only for j2db.jar
Hi Patrick,
just a small feature we bump into often.
You can set the Appname to %%jarName%% for all jars, that's ...
Harjo Kompagnie


09:07 PM Servoy JasperReports Plugin Defect #391: Scrolling in Jasper viewer
did you already tested the slow scrolling (with image background) with the new version?? Harjo Kompagnie


08:22 AM Alternative CSS for webclient Defect #821: Sub-menus don't show in IE9.
I just uploaded 2.2 with this fix! Harjo Kompagnie
08:18 AM Alternative CSS for webclient
(Servoy 6.1.x and up) Harjo Kompagnie

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