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06:38 PM Dialogs module Defect #523: Error in smartclient with Servoy 6.1 RC5
error_dialog.png. I selected the file before creating the issue. Omar van Galen
05:45 PM Dialogs module Defect #523 (Closed): Error in smartclient with Servoy 6.1 RC5
Hi Robert,
I just tried out your dialog plugin and it would worked peachy in the WC but in the SC it displayed an ...
Omar van Galen


09:10 AM VFP Plugin Feature #520 (Resolved): IScriptable is only part of 6.1.x public API
Omar van Galen


04:52 PM VFP Plugin Revision 3: Reverted to IScriptObject for backwards compatibility. Used @SuppressWarnings("deprecation") to suppress deprecation warnings.
Omar van Galen
01:14 PM VFP Plugin Revision 2: Updated sources to remove deprecated IScriptObject warnings
Omar van Galen


01:42 PM VFP Plugin Revision 1: Initial upload of vfp-plugin v1.00
Omar van Galen
11:51 AM VFP Plugin vfp.jar
VFP plugin - version 1.0 Omar van Galen


11:28 AM COM Plugin Feature #418: 32/64 switch
Thanks for your patience ;-) I supposed that the COM component would be run in a seperate process just li...
Omar van Galen


04:29 PM COM Plugin Feature #418 (Closed): 32/64 switch
I would like to submit a feature request. It would be nice to be able to tell the ComPlugin which Jacob dll to load t... Omar van Galen
01:30 PM COM Plugin Defect #413: COM PLugin hangs on 64-bit Windows 7
Hi Patrick,
I got it working at last. Somehow a jacob-1.16-M1-x64.dll of 0 Kb had been installed to my .servoy fol...
Omar van Galen

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