• zip - zip a (single) file and/or a folder.
  • unzip - unzip a file, a group of files and folders.
  • getMaxDay - returns the last day of the given month
  • dateDifference - calculate the difference between two days in milliseconds, seconds, minutes, hours or days
  • Formatting and strings
  • dateFormat - convert a date to a string and the other way around with (or without) a formatting string
  • numberFormat - format the (localized) number to the formatString
  • secondsFormat - to make a number of seconds a string and the other way around. formatting like HH:mm:ss
  • mirror - reverse a string 'mirrorString' into 'gnirtSrorrim'
  • trim, lTrim, rTrim - remove all, leading or trailing spaces from the string
  • isEmail - takes a string with one or more email addresses and checks if the format is correct
  • isExpired - takes a year, month and (optional) day and returns a Boolean when expired
  • isInteger - returns a Boolean value, checks a string
  • isInRange - takes dates, numbers, integers and strings and returns a Boolean
  • isModulus10 - takes a string, filters all numbers and tells you the result of a modulus10 check
  • isNumber - returns a Boolean value after checking a string
  • isTextOnly - takes a string and returns false if it finds numbers
  • isServoyClient - returns true when you are running a client.
User interface
  • setSolution - change the title of the solution window
  • setSolutionIcon - change the icon of the solution window
  • getScreenX(element) and getScreenY(element) - get the x and y coordinates of an element relative to the upper left corner (0,0) of the screen.
User system
  • getPrinters - retrieve an Array with all available printers on the clients computer
  • defaultPrinter - get and set the default printer on the clients computer
Client and Server
  • IP address
  • MAC address - Array of MAC addresses
  • Hostname and Username
  • Directories - User dir, User home and Temporary dir
  • Operating system properties - name, version etc.
  • Seperators - path and file
  • Java properties - vendor, vendor url, version

Please use the Issue Tracker here on ServoyForge to report any issues, feature requests or possible fixes.