NOTE: in Smart-client the module does (internally) still use the dialogs plugin so nothing changes for you.


  • From Servoy 6.0.4 and up you can use the dialogs module in a login solution. Before that it's not supported.
  • Using the Dialogs module in an onClose event doesn't work in Webclient.


The following functions are a direct replacement for your plugins.dialogs calls:

  • globals.DIALOGS.showInfoDialog(title, message, button, [buttonN])
  • globals.DIALOGS.showWarningDialog(title, message, button, [buttonN])
  • globals.DIALOGS.showErrorDialog(title, message, button, [buttonN])
  • globals.DIALOGS.showQuestionDialog(title, message, button, [buttonN])
  • globals.DIALOGS.showInputDialog(title, message, initialValue)
  • globals.DIALOGS.showSelectDialog(title, message, optionArray)

Your button text can be long. In the Web-client the module tries to guess the length needed to show the text in the button.
In Smart-client the dialog plugin takes care of this.

Overriding the default settings of the dialogs

Set the width of the next dialog window
  • globals.DIALOGS.setDialogWidth(width)
Set the height of the next dialog window
  • globals.DIALOGS.setDialogHeight(height)
Reset the width/height of the next dialog window to the default values
  • globals.DIALOGS.resetDialogSize()


You can override the stylesheet of the dialog with your own stylesheet using the following method.
It will be applied to the next dialog window
  • globals.DIALOGS.setStylesheet(stylesheetName)
Make sure your stylesheet supports the following style classes;
  • label.dialogs_message
  • label.dialogs_icon_generic
  • label.dialogs_icon_info
  • label.dialogs_icon_warning
  • label.dialogs_icon_error

The default stylesheet looks like this:

label.dialogs_message { font: 12pt 'Lucida Grande', Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; }
label.dialogs_icon_generic { background-image: url('media:///dialogs_icon_generic.png'); }
label.dialogs_icon_info { background-image: url('media:///dialogs_icon_info.png'); }
label.dialogs_icon_warning { background-image: url('media:///dialogs_icon_warning.png'); }
label.dialogs_icon_error { background-image: url('media:///dialogs_icon_error.png'); }

Form In Dialogs

For showing a form in a modal dialog you can now use the following function call:
  • globals.DIALOGS.showFormInModalDialog(formName, [left], [top], [width], [height], [title], [resizable], [showTextToolbar], [windowName])


And to keep track of what version of this module you are using you can call:
  • globals.DIALOGS.getVersion()